We manage multiple accounts with our clients all over the world. We are always ready to manage your capital with calculated risk and good potential returns. We have a team who is looking at our clients accounts 24/5.

Fund Management is an investment account opened under investor's name with our recommended brokers and traded professionally by Algo Trading Team. We as your Fund Managers have right to place trade in your account but do not have access to the funds on your account which restricts us from withdrawing your funds, depositing funds and adding another method of payment. Our sole purpose is to manage and trade our investors' funds with promising returns on weekly/monthly basis. Investors can change password, withdraw funds, open & close trades at any time. Investors have full access to their funds and can view the progress of their accounts on daily basis through MT4 application on their phones. This service is fully transparent to our clients.

Our strategy is very effective and is based on Trend Follow & Breakout, Trend Reversal, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci Retracement and our custom analysing tool we have established. We have a highly qualified team studying the correlations of currencies and commodities on daily basis.


Fund Management Agreements:

  • Minimum to start will be £1000

  • Weekly withdrawal - Withdrawal to be made on Thursdays / Fridays

  • Profit split 50/50 between Fund Manager and an Investor

  • 50% equity refund if we suffer loss of the total Investment Capital. See terms and conditions.

  • Weekly return vary depending on Fund Management Level chosen, market structure, etc.

  • Drawdown could vary from 10% - 40% maximum depending on Fund Management Level chosen.

  • Our recommended broker

  • 10% discount to investor if joined via our IB. So first week we claim 40% and investor keeps 60% of returns.

  • Most importantly we charge admin fee of £250 for accounts smaller than £5000. This is to protect our Fund Management Team as we have come through clients who has taken advantage of our Fund Managers and not paid the share while withdrawing all funds and deceiving our business relationship. Moreover for each account, our Fund Managers are required to purchase an additonal Virtual Private Server which costs us.



If an investor made and initial deposit of £10,000 and Algo Trading Group of Fund Managers turned it into £30,000, 50% of the profits go to investor (60% if joined via our IB) and 50% goes to Fund Manager; which means each party receives £10,000. There is no split on deposit and investors still own the deposit of £10,000 and can withdraw anytime. We require 1 week notice before investors withdraw the investment amount.

We offer 3 types of Fund Management Risk:


Low Risk

Low risk trading will be slow and steady accumulating small returns day by day and occasionally make big profit depending on the market. It is impossible to lose all funds in one day with low-risk trading.


Medium Risk

Medium risk will be moderate trading occasionally placing mini and standard lot sizes when we get 90-95% confirmation on trade. Return could vary from 50% - 100%


High Risk

High Risk can turn your £10,000 capital to £30,000 in a day or a week. It is aggressive trading on 95% of accuracy of our market analysis confirmation. It is possible to lose all funds in a day. Return can be 100-300% in a day or a week

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