Trade Copy service is different to Fund Management and Signals. Trade Copy service allows an investor to connect their MT4 account to one of our Master accounts via Signalstart. Signalstart is a professional signal copy service powered by Myfxbook. It allows copying trades from one account to another with appropriate lot sizes for different accounts.

Investors can sign up to our trade copy service and copy all our Master account trades into their account via Signalstart without any effort of accessing their account as Signalstart does all the work. All that is required from investor is to sign up to Signalstart as signal follower and submit the MT4 details required by signalstart to copy trades from our master account to investor's account. After successful registration, investor can subscribe to our trade copy service by searching our name 'tradingboss' in signalstart and clicking on copy button. Once copy and payment setup is successful, we will take it from here. Any trades we place on our master account will be automatically copied to investor's MT4 trading account. The lot sizes will depend on the multiplier chosen by investor. The investor does not have to do anything, just sit and watch the account grow through the phone as we place and close trades. For such convenience of investors, we charge one off monthly fee for our trade copy service.

Our strategy is very effective and is based on Trend Follow & Breakout, Trend Reversal, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci Retracement and our custom analysing tool we have established. We have a highly qualified team studying the correlations of currencies and commodities on daily basis.

We have a verified myfxbook performance and are always ranked top 10 in signalstart as you can see below:


We have also been one of the top gained in the history as you can see below:

Signalstart rank 5.png
Top gainers3.png

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